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What makes one-on-one learning unique?

What makes one-on-one learning uniquely beneficial?

Many students today face the challenges that come along with large classroom sizes. Elementary students often share the same teacher with a grade higher or lower. While there are positives to this as well, it can make learning (and teaching) concepts at a depth level necessary to truly absorb a huge struggle.

For this post, we’d like to focus on delving into the benefits of one-on-one learning, and how they are unique from what can be achieved through classroom learning alone.

  1. Instrumental, individual time with a teacher

    The most obvious benefit that one-on-one tutoring provides is the fundamentally direct instruction that a student does not often get in a large classroom. This can be make-or-break when it comes to fully understand the concepts in a specific subject. Frequently, students will move through instructions not able to fully explore the deeper level of understanding when it comes to a topic, which is truly crucial to go beyond memorization and regurgitation. What learners need in order to successfully gain the knowledge necessary to thrive, is to fully grasp the depth of a concept, and this is the number one drive behind personalized, one-on-one tutoring.

  2. It provides the opportunity to explore interests

    Individualized learning opens up so much more than delving into a concept deeper. It also allows students to expand and traverse into further concepts and areas that go beyond what is offered in a standardized classroom setting. Students who wish to learn more deeply about a specific area they are exploring in school, or even a completely new subject not taught in their classroom, can simply seek out a personalized tutor who is knowledgeable in that department. No one is restricted to the common core when it comes to one-on-one tutoring!

  3. Personalized learning

    Students are able to take as much time as they please exploring and examining ideas and concepts while they are guided by a personalized, one-on-one teacher. For students to flourish as opposed to simply passing, individualized instruction provides the environment that allows them to dredge further into their studies.

  4. Added time to exercise their knowledge

    Students are able to put their comprehension into practice, and further drive the concepts into their grasp through regularly guided tutoring sessions. Consistency is key, and the condensed focus provides a beneficial opportunity when it comes to getting ideas to stick to on a deeper level.

  5. They get the time needed to understand difficult concepts

    Lastly, it can be difficult to fully comprehend a concept without the necessary time provided to put towards it. One-on-one teaching allows for students to have extra time to put concepts into practice, in order to further absorb the theories of their studies. Taking a slow pace can be key when a student needs support in fully grasping a concept in their studies. With the guidance of personalized, consistent teaching, any student can flourish into a successful, life-long learner!

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