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The field of science is defined as studying the world around us through observation and experiment. Our expert science tutors in Calgary are enthusiastic when it comes to demonstrating how to become adept in scientific exploration, no matter what level you are at.


Learn how to apply scientific methodology by noticing observations and asking the right questions, applying proper research, creating and understanding hypotheses, testing and learning with experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and accurately reporting conclusions.


Understand general and specific scientific theories and hypotheses with our seasoned tutors, and become confident in your abilities to demonstrate these understandings. Science can be complicated, but learning it doesn’t have to be.

EducationWise understands the natural inclination to understand the world around us. Our science tutors are highly trained and exceptionally capable of helping students to gain a firm grasp on the concepts that govern this subject. 


Whatever level of science you are seeking to further yourself or your child in, we can help. Our programs cover scientific curriculums from kindergarten to university-level studies. We provide a deeper understanding of scientific communication, inquiry, problem-solving, rationale, technology, and more. 


To learn more about working with a science tutor, biology tutor, chemistry tutor or physics tutor, contact EducationWise today. 

Science Tutors for Every Interest

Whether you need help preparing for your Science 30 diploma or want to support your child because this is a subject they struggle with, EducationWise can help. We pride ourselves on meeting students where they’re at and giving them educational tools and resources they can utilize to succeed for the rest of their lives. 


Science doesn’t need to be an intimidating subject: our tutors easily break down complicated concepts and processes so that students feel confident in their studies. We take the time to understand every student’s learning style and challenges so that we can match them with the best tutor for their needs.

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