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Chemistry is the science that deals with the structure and properties of matter and how matter transforms from one form or substance to another. With so many different elements, terms, and rules to learn, it can be a challenging subject to tackle. Get the right help with EducationWise.


EducationWise offers chemistry tutoring for everything from the basics to advanced and specialized studies. If you need help preparing for your Chemistry 30 Diploma or want to be the best in class at university, we have the right tutor for you.


Our specialized approach ensures that you are matched with a tutor who has the knowledge and skills to help you succeed. Because we cater to your learning style and needs while maintaining fundamental curriculum objectives, your success is well assured. 


Forget the overwhelming feeling of not being able to grasp complex topics: if your high school teacher doesn’t teach in your learning style, we can help. Our science tutors break down all of your chemistry concerns so that you can cut out redundant study time and ace every assignment. 


Sail through prerequisites with ease when you get the help of our certified, hand-picked and professionally trained tutors. Learn complex theory and methodology without the stress and compound your success in other areas of study, too.

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At EducationWise, before we focus on the curriculum, we get to know your learning style. This ensures that even the most strenuous subjects, like chemistry and other secondary sciences, are distilled in a way that will amplify our student’s success.


If you are looking for an AP chemistry tutor, we’ve got you covered. No matter what challenges you are facing in your chemistry course, EducationWise tutors know how to create the right reaction! 


EducationWise tutors in Calgary help high school students, university students, and even international students. If English is your second language, we can still assist you in maintaining confidence in your chemistry studies. 


Don’t allow the complex topics of chemistry to overwhelm or confuse you: because we take the time to understand your learning style, our tutors will help you to earn the best grades possible. Results are guaranteed or your money back.

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