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A Calgary-based company with a desire to help you succeed.
EducationWise is a Professional Tutoring Agency

EducationWise is a professional tutoring agency out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We pride ourselves in being locally owned and operated with national and international reach and always providing exceptional tutors that have been prescreened, interviewed, and given basic and advanced training to meet our students’ diverse needs.


With what started in 2002 as an idea and dream for local Calgarian and founder Louise Ridout has grown and expanded into what thousands of Canadians and several hundred Calgarians now know as EducationWise Inc. Prior to establishing EducationWise, Louise taught mathematics and statistics at Mount Royal College and at the Southern Alberta Institute for Technology, as well as tutoring privately. Louise’s personal history inspired her to help struggling students.

As a child and young adult, she had to teach herself how to break down course material into manageable steps and how to identify and accommodate her own learning style. In spite of her initial challenges in school, Louise successfully completed an honours degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in statistics. After investing 19 years into EducationWise and having started the company later on in her life Louise decided early in 2021 that it was time for her to step down and pursue other passions, travel a bit more, and spend more time with her children and grandchildren.

Thankfully around this time, Louise had an ambitious and service-minded entrepreneur investigating and inquiring about EducationWise – someone that she came to feel would be ideal to take her place as the new owner and director. After several months of working with Lousie and learning about the good work EducationWise was doing in Canada, they both agreed it was a good fit and Tim Howie made the decision to purchase the company at the start of September 2021.

A New Director

Hey, welcome to EducationWise!


My name is Tim.

I strive to be a kind and humble individual that finds joy in making others smile. I was born in Calgary and have lived here, in the northwest quadrant, ever since except for a two-year (2012-2014) stint when I was living in the UK. I spent time in both Scotland and Ireland serving and teaching hundreds of people as a missionary.


My primary mission is to serve others regardless of their or my title, education, ethnicity, race, gender, or any other distinguishing factor. In addition to serving others, I want to give back to my parents that have given me so much and pay my surplus forward to help people in need who are striving to reach their goals. I believe throughout the globe there are more resources than there are needs to be met. Meaning that there is no logical reason for anyone on Earth to be without clothing, shelter, food, or education.


Education will always be an enlightening experience when pursued with a purpose and vision and I believe that education is what has created such vast opportunities for me in North America. By being born here I have reason to be grateful and I believe the responsibility lies within each human to help lift others to higher heights – living on Earth would not be the same if only you lived here. Teaching or Tutoring for me goes hand-in-hand with this philosophy – one that has had the opportunity to be schooled or educated well has the opportunity and again I believe the responsibility to create relationships with others so as to lift them to the same or similar understanding.


My vision for EducationWise is to serve you better and more holistically than Sylvan Learning can. To remain keenly aware of your needs, hopes, and goals while at the same time offering a tailored tutoring experience that exceeds your expectations by cultivating productive and lasting relationships and getting visible results that you’ll be proud to share!


A smarter alternative to Sylvan Learning is EducationWise, because we are local, versatile, modern and receptive to what you want and need. While Sylvan is selling franchises we are matching you with a tutor that is tailored for your learning to achieve new personal records!


EducationWise is the place that people think of when they are struggling in academics, organization, test-taking, and so much more. To begin your success story and find opportunities to learn, achieve and inspire get in touch with our team and you’ll never look back.


Tim Howie

Education Wise Inc.


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