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As an EducationWise tutor, you will work on a contract basis, getting matched to long- or short-term tutoring opportunities based on your preferred courses, locations, and schedule. You will meet your students in their homes, at libraries, or online.


While EducationWise will provide training and resources, you and your clients will be the ones to decide how to help your students individually.


The number of students you work with will depend on your preferences and demand in your area. Most tutors are matched with 1-3 students at a time, although it is possible to tutor more students.

Why Tutor With Education Wise
Receive the training and support you need to succeed
Make a positive impact on the lives of your students
Tutor the subjects and grade levels you are comfortable teaching
Work one-on-one with your students long-term
Choose where and when you work
Help write your students success story
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Our Tutors Are
  • Experienced, formally or informally
  • Familiar with the Alberta curriculum requirements
  • Positive about and value education
  • Great communicators
  • Proficient in speaking and writing in English
  • Willing to meet students in various settings
  • Willing to commute 50-100% of the time
  • AB Driver’s license holders and car owners
  • Experienced with various online video call software
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Tutoring Calgary

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