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The subject of social studies is so much more than writing essays and learning about historic events. Social studies is a key subject to being informed about society. If you find yourself struggling in your social studies course – at any level – EducationWise can help. 


Our tutors in Calgary have been assisting students in their studies for over 20 years. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to guide any learner in their social studies curriculum goals. Pass your course with flying colours and feel confident in your academic abilities with our tailored help and guidance.


At EducationWise, we put focus on the individual learning styles of all of our students, so that they can continue their educational pursuits wherever they may lead. EducationWise takes pride in being able to help students of all ages, and from all walks of life, understand the fundamentals of social studies. We can help you to distill the various topics under the social studies umbrella so that you are always prepared for your greatest success. We also have English tutors to further help with your essay-writing abilities.


Whether you are looking for support for your middle school child or need assistance preparing for advanced testing, EducationWise can help. Our tailored approach to tutoring in Calgary is guaranteed to get you the results you need, or your money back.

Social Studies & History Tutoring
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The topic of social studies can be challenging for many different reasons, but the EducationWise method of overcoming these challenges remains the same. We take the time to understand your learning style so that you can break down course materials with ease.


Discover confidence in your coursework that you didn’t know was possible. Imagine if you were able to sit down and write your term paper with ease! Imagine retaining what your teacher goes over every day, all because you have learned how to appeal to your learning style.


This kind of massive success is what we strive for at EducationWise. No matter what social studies course you are taking or how unsuccessful you have been in the past, we are ready to help you get your desired results – or your money back.

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