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EducationWise Tutors proudly provides accessible, world-class tutoring services to all ages and academic levels, locally, nationally, and internationally with a focus on the Alberta curriculum. A Calgary-owned and staffed tutoring agency with over 20 years of experience, we appreciate that learning comes differently to everyone – so we strive to create a success story tailored to you.


EducationWise supports all learning styles, academic levels, and age groups: it’s part of our mission. Whether you are a concerned parent seeking to boost your child’s literacy or a mature student ready to take on their SATs, we can help. Our hand-picked tutors are diligently screened, interviewed, and trained to ensure that we can match them to the right students.


Our tutoring organization was built on compassion and a desire to give back. Because of this, EducationWise can successfully help learners wherever they are on their journey. We are so confident in our methodology and approach to tutoring that if you are not satisfied, we’ll give you your money back – guaranteed.

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Ever been sitting in a class or on a zoom call and found yourself falling asleep? Have you ever arrived to take a test and discovered you didn’t remember as much as you thought you should have? If you’re finding it hard to concentrate doing what you’ve been doing it might be time to learn how YOU learn!

Benefits of Tutoring with EducationWise

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Course Support

If you need ongoing support from your tutor throughout the semester, we can help. Nail your course the first time with EducationWise.
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Homework Help

Break free from the daily grind of homework monotony and get more time back in your day. Learn how to effectively manage your homework load and reduce overwhelm.
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Exam Prep

Step into your exams with confidence and get the best grades with the help of a specialized tutor. Leave test anxiety behind and discover personalized tips for success.
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Summer Boost

Make your summers fun and productive and give yourself an edge when school starts in the fall. Boost your academic performance and stay on top of your game with summer help from a tailored tutor.

Our Values

For Lifelong Learning

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Diversity in Experience

Your individual learning styles, personal needs and worldview are important considerations in learning and development.
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Positive Vibes

You deserve convenient, enjoyable, and interactive learning opportunities.
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Student Success

Your progression is our expectation! We are only successful if you are successful in reaching your educational goals.
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Commitment to People

We encourage, believe in, and strive to foster long-term student/tutor relationships.

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Preschool & Kindergarten
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Mature Students
Advanced Placement
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EducationWise has been serving students for over 20 years: your success is our business. If you are seeking a tutoring program that works, you’ve found it. Our uniquely designed approach ensures that no student gets left behind on their learning journey.


Contact us today and allow us to help you conquer your mountain.