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Do you need an online tutor you can trust? In the dawning age of technology, access to online resources has skyrocketed – but how do you know you’re getting the right services for you?


EducationWise is your source for effective, flexible, and trustworthy online tutoring services to get you the results you need. Whether you are studying for an AP calculus placement or just need weekly support through your high school English course, EducationWise tutors can help.


EducationWise has been serving Calgary and beyond with comprehensive tutoring services for over 20 years. With our experience and expertise, we are able to find the perfect tutor for every student. Our rigorous selection process doesn’t end with interviews and screening: we train all of our tutors to ensure that they can deliver on the EducationWise promise of success. 


Regardless of what you are studying and at which level, EducationWise is committed to understanding your personal learning style. This means that we take the time to learn how you learn and teach you how to break down your coursework in a way that is manageable and effective. 


We understand that big dreams come with big challenges, which is why we take pride in the tutoring services and support that we provide our students. Being able to reach you online means that we can help you to reach your goals wherever you are. 


Our online programs help you to gain access to world-class tutoring services, even if you don’t have access to transportation. Whatever the reason may be that you need online tutoring services, EducationWise is excited to help.

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All of our tutors undergo in-house training to ensure they can provide the support our students have come to expect. When you choose EducationWise, you choose experienced tutoring services designed to meet your needs. 


The difference between academic success and failure is in your learning style. Do you know the best ways to ensure you are learning and retaining course materials? We do! In fact, this philosophy is fundamental to the EducationWise mission.


We believe everyone is capable of incredible success when given the proper tools to succeed. Our tutors don’t just help you with your coursework – they help you to maintain success in learning wherever your journey takes you. 


Don’t waste time with a tutor who is proficient in the materials but not in helping you learn. Instead, choose a proven institution that offers the guarantee of your success: that’s right, we guarantee your success or your money back.


For effective and flexible online tutoring services tailored to your needs, choose EducationWise.

Benefits of Tutoring with EducationWise

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Tutors for Every Subject

EducationWise tutors have knowledge and subject experience that’s a cut above the rest. Our tutors have impressive academic accolades that prove their passion for learning - and teaching.
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Discover Your Learning Style

Imagine if your math tutor taught you how to be more effective in English, too. It’s all about your learning style! Our tutors will help you to understand your own unique learning style so that you can be successful in any subject.
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We Help All Students

Whether you are looking to support your elementary school child or you are a mature learner going back to school, we can help you! Our mission is to help all learners, no matter what kind of expertise and support they need.
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Over 20 Years of Experience

EducationWise has been helping students since 2002. We have the experience and infrastructure needed to support all of our students, wherever they are on their learning journey. It’s wise to choose EducationWise!
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Tailored to Your Needs

EducationWise is locally founded and staffed in Calgary, AB – but we have grown to serve students all over Canada! If you need online academic support, EducationWise is ready to help. We take pride in the services we offer because we work hard to help all learners from all walks of life, wherever they are in their journey. If you’re looking for a professional online tutor to put you ahead of the game, EducationWise is your key to success.

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