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The Positive Side of ADHD

Though navigating academics with Attention Deficit Disorder can be a challenging journey, there are some surprising benefits that come along with it that can be highly advantageous. For the purpose of this post, we would like to focus on the positive side of the diagnosis as we believe that any mind, regardless of circumstance, has the ability to utilize its distinctiveness. 


In order to harness these tools, one must first be aware of what qualities are available that can be utilized. After all, perspective is everything!




People with ADHD are naturally creative thinkers. [1] Thinking outside of the box is second nature for these minds, and they are always looking at a problem with a unique and inventive perspective. This is a highly valued quality in adults, in whatever space was chosen occupationally. Not only can we see the positive side of a coin here – we should be celebrating and welcoming these individuals and their divergent ideas. They should feel encouraged to confidently bring their ideas to the table when faced with the challenge of finding a solution to a problem, as more often than not, they hold the most insightful proposals.




Those with ADHD experience what is called hyper-focusing. This means an ability to be completely absorbed in a task to a point where they appear to completely ignore or ‘tune out’ everything else. It generally occurs when they are engaged in an activity that is particularly fun or interesting to them. 


A medically reviewed article posted to WebMD states that “Some people call hyperfocus the “superpower” of ADHD. Because you’re so absorbed in a task, you can get more done quicker. You may also get better at it. Playing a video game with hyperfocus, for instance, can help you rack up high scores. The key is to channel that attention to useful goals.” [2]


This can be extremely beneficial because once an individual is provided with information in a given situation in a way that is especially interesting and absorbable to them, hyper-focusing is something that can easily be utilized to an individual’s advantage. 


High Risk-Taking Toleration 


Generally, taking on a new task that involves some risk comes a bit easier for those with ADHD, as they are naturally more drawn to risk. Though this can have negative connotations, given the right circumstance, this can be beneficial. When you grow up without fear of taking risks, you are able to take the good risks associated with life. When good risks are taken confidently, an individual will either get what they want or gain knowledge from the experience and learn from it. And these individuals have a tendency to bounce back from the failures following a risk. This is something that we all strive for. So long as an individual has the support needed to navigate this as they grow, this can most assuredly be positive. 


In addition to these solid, sought after attributes that individuals with ADHD tend to have naturally more strongly and often, there have been studies that have discovered their unique tendency to feel and express themselves through honourable qualities such as cognitive dynamism, courage, energy, social intelligence, humour, and self-acceptance. [3]


With the right positive support, like with any individual and their own unique situation, a person with ADHD has many incredible qualities that can be brought into play in any given circumstance life provides, especially academically. A one-on-one tutor provides a lot of support in these situations and can be the constant and regular guide one needs to maneuver the individual tools in their toolbox. 


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