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  3. You handpick your tutor and set up an optional online meet & greet

  4. You or your student have the first lesson with your selected tutor

  5. We will reach out to ensure your tutor met or exceeded your expectations

  6. All admin and billing is handled by EducationWise Admin staff

  7. All scheduling and communication can be done through your EducationWise Tutor or Admin staff

  8. You have 24 / 7 / 365 access to your profile allowing you to:

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  • View or edit your student info

  • View upcoming lessons

  • View your billing/invoice records and edit your payment info 

  • And more!

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  • 60 minutes = minimun length for in-person tutoring.
  • 30 minutes = minimum length for online tutoring.
  • All prices are as listed with no additional fees.

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