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How To Create School/Life Balance

How To Create School / Life BalanceWe know that for many university students it can be extremely difficult to manage the stress that comes with what can seem like constant studying. You want to not only keep up but thrive and succeed. And with this, it can be challenging to prioritize anything else. 


Our brains are not wired to be under constant stress, so it is important to learn to balance out your priorities. We know that this can be a challenge with such a busy schedule as a student, so we wanted to provide some helpful strategies that may help. 

Prioritize your tasks 


Once you can manage your tasks in a structured and organized way, it will be easier to find the time for other things. In order to do this, it is helpful to split up your tasks into categories week by week. By categorizing them by urgent, then important but not necessarily urgent, and finally non-urgent, you will be able to see on paper what needs to be done right now, and what can wait. If you do not split up your tasks in any sort of way, it will always be difficult to find any time to take a break. 

Set aside personal time every day 


Now that you are able to see where in your schedule you can make time for other activities, the next important feat is to do something each day for yourself. Exercise, practise yoga, go for a run, etc. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing most when it comes to self-care, we recommend putting this near the top of the daily list. 


Take care of your health


When we are busy, we can have difficulty prioritizing our health. But this is incredibly crucial, as our physical and mental health are interconnected. Ensure you are eating right, drinking plenty of water, taking regular vitamins and/or supplements, and getting daily exercise. Even if you cannot commit to a full-blown workout, find the time to complete small exercise routines every single day, whatever sort you enjoy. Your mind will thank you for this when it comes time to study! 


Connect with loved ones 


This is something that can easily fall to the wayside for a busy student, but at the end of the day, nurturing relationships is something that we all need to thrive. Whether you are a social butterfly or an introverted bookworm, we all benefit from prioritizing this often. Plan regular coffee dates exercise with a friend or study together. Wherever this can fit into your busy schedule, we recommend connecting however you can. 


Set Boundaries


On the other hand, for those who have trouble saying no, setting boundaries will be an essential part of your school/life balance structuring. Just as your relationships are important, your time, priorities and energy are just as crucial. By setting aside scheduled time for family and friends, you will see where it fits and where it doesn’t. Practice saying no, and letting people know when you are too cramped. Plan something ahead of time when you are able to, and simply explain why. People are generally more understanding than we can sometimes anticipate in a particularly busy and stressful time. 


Creating a balanced life in the midst of your studies will pay off both in the short term and the long run. This is something that everyone needs to master in life, and the earlier you can, the better setup you will be for the years ahead. 


Creating a balanced life will look a little different for everyone, so we’ve provided some basic advice that anyone can follow. We hope it will prove helpful in your academic journey!


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