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The Top Five Effective Tutoring Strategies

Learn how to maximize your skills as a tutor in Calgary by adopting five effective strategies that will beneficial for your future tutoring sessions.

Five Effective Strategies for Any Calgary Tutor

Making the most out of your tutoring session is beneficial for both tutor and student but will prove to be a hard balance to strike. Most students require modified lessons based on their capabilities, where different approaches to learning will vary from student to student for best retention. Because of the many different techniques that will work best for individual students, a tutor might find it challenging to best implement merely one teaching method that will work for all of their students. While adjustments are necessary when you have tutoring sessions with multiple students, there are effective measures a Calgary tutor can utilize that can be incredibly effective for all. 

Learn more about what broad strategies can be effective for a tutoring session that will be helpful for both student and tutor alike. 

Asking for and using feedback

Much like any profession, asking for feedback on your performance from your students or superiors, if applicable, can be useful in making the most of your tutoring sessions. When asking students for feedback, you can determine how you can better assist them during a learning session and in what subject they might be struggling. More so, letting your students know you’re open to and actively encouraging feedback will make them feel more comfortable. The feedback you receive will allow you to continue to shape a lesson plan that will be most effective for you as a tutor and the student you are teaching. 

Don’t be afraid to use humour 

When you fail to see the lighter side of tutoring during a lesson, it can make any student dull and monotonous session. Using humour will enable a more lively and engaging lesson for students and tutors, where a student will be more likely to retain the information they are being taught. By enabling laughter during the lesson and making it more light-hearted, the pressure of the day’s lesson will be taken off for the student and tutor. Humouring a tutoring session will curate a more comfortable lesson for everyone involved and even increase memory retention. 

Build a strong relationship

Strengthen your skills as a tutor by building a relationship with your students. This can easily be accomplished by showing interest in your student’s academic development, educational interests and goals and using this to mould your lesson plan for each student. Taking the time to forge a relationship with your students will create mutual respect and make tutoring sessions easier for everyone involved. 

Pause procedure 

The pause procedure is a very popular teaching method, where the teacher in question will pause the lesson to allow the students to reflect on what they just learned. The pause procedure isn’t just an effective tutoring method; it is also used in almost every level of education, including elementary, middle, and high school and university as well. This method will induce student retention and contribute to successful student comprehension.

Learning from mistakes

To punish a student when they answer a question incorrectly can be very counterproductive when trying to encourage learning comprehension as a tutor. Punishment of this nature will only decrease their confidence in a student, and they will begin to fear making mistakes or asking for help. To combat this feeling, as a tutor in Calgary, you need to encourage them to make mistakes and learn from them. Proper encouragement will make them comfortable asking questions when they feel unsure or are confused and will create room for academic success. 

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